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Our Company Will Boost Your Website Rankings, Traffic and Conversions

Auroma Tech is a fully advanced search engine marketing company in Toronto. We understand that when it comes to SEO, there is no such thing as a multipurpose approach. That is why our team of experts will work directly with you to create a functional strategy that moves high-converting users to your website, boosts quality leads, increases revenue, and above all, focuses on return on ROI. Using a user-driven approach, we scrupulously analyze both on-page and off-page factors, develop a complete strategy, and implement real solutions to achieve your business goals.

With the help from our skilled team members, we will cautiously take the time to analyze your unique locality and execute the appropriate method that helps you make best use of your SE marketing efforts. With a variety of clients from startups to chance 500 companies, you can rest assured that no matter the project, big or small, you can count on our experts in Toronto to help you achieve your goals.

SEO Company in Canada:How does it Work?

It’s the process of improving your site value during a non-paid approach in order to make your company not only more visible in SE results pages but also to drive new quality users to your website.

SEO is really important because it can make your company, mainly modern companies in Toronto where the competition is high and not to mention, in today’s society, the majority of people find businesses and services through search engines. If you aren’t effective on driving more organic traffic for your business, you are lost out on a lot of opportunity to be increase your revenue.

SEO Toronto Work Process

Search Engine Optimization is comprise of four major components: Technical SEO, On-Page Content, and Off-Page Content Marketing. Our team starts by taking a comprehensive dive into your website’s current organic standings to estimate your unique needs and come up with a key performance sign baseline that focuses on rankings, impressions, and CTR. We offer a consultative approach in order to find out your specific goals and to develop a personalized strategy proven to maximize your performance and achieve a good ROI.

It All Starts With an Audit

SEO is comprised of hundreds of main factors. Not only is it about optimizing your website for crawling and indexing, but it also encompass all from sitemaps to meta tags to JavaScript indexing to page speed, and much more. Our team will take the time to complete a full website audit to correct any issues that could unfavorably affect your rankings and your user experience.

Additionally, we use our proprietary software tool to perform testing on your website’s on-page elements such as title tags or Meta descriptions with a focus on ROI and constant improvements in rankings and clicks. Through our testing tool, we use real-world data to make well-versed decisions about changes to your website that lead to an upbeat impact on your rankings.

Quality On-Page Content

In addition to technical changes and also focus on on-page content. This starts with broad keyword research that helps us find out what users are searching for in order to discover services similar to yours. After conducting our in-depth research, we develop a content strategy to both improve existing content as well as add fresh content that drives traffic to your website and improves your user experience and rankings. Our on-page services also main factor on internal link building to drive users deeper into your website and guide them down the marketing sales focus in order to turn a website user into a deal or lead.

Off-Page Content Marketing to Build Website Authority

Your website’s domain authority is a key element for website rankings. And in order to build your website domain authority, you have to focus on high quality content marketing. What closely does this mean? It means making the effort to make relevant traffic to your website from outer sources. Our teams do this in the appearance of external link building.

What is link building? It’s the process of getting links to your website from another website. It sounds simple, but our team achieves this through manual outreach and building quality related back-links from relevant sources. This strategy is very effective at boost your rankings and visibility because when another website links to your website, particularly if the website is a trusted, high-authority website, it gives Google and other Search Engines a vote of confidence, in turn increasing your domain authority and in the end your rankings.

So, how do we achieve this? Our highly-trained content marketing team writes high quality, premium quality articles for submission to top websites, magazines, and blogs. When our premium content is placed on a selected high-authority website, they will link back to your website, thus submitting their vote of approval to Google.

Detailed Reporting with a spirit on What Matters

The last step to our advance is full reporting. In order for us to repetitively develop and work with your inlet Area business to make the most of your SEO efforts, we must monitor KPIs to resolve what we need to do to continually get better rankings, traffic, conversions and ultimately ROI. Every month, one of our experts will sit down with you to not only review your KPIs such as rankings, clicks, impressions, and CTR, but we will also present direction on the next steps we need to take to help you achieve your goals.

Clients Have to Say About Our Experts:

As search engines continue receiving smarter, the importance of content related terms can’t be over looked. Auroma Tech’s Content imminent Tool is the perfect way to ensure your content is applicable, legible, and completes enough to be competitive in SERPs.

Trusted Consultants in Ottawa, Hamilton, Windsor, and Kitchener

At Auroma Tech, our team of consultants is devoted to creating and implementing a dedicated strategy that helps you meet all of your needs and better your competitors. We are happy to serve clients in Toronto and the surrounding areas such as Ottawa, Hamilton, Windsor, and Kitchener.